How Smart ChatGPT Really Is?

In this article/video, let us have a look at How Smart ChatGPT really is? It is also worth seeing if ChatGPT is the inflection point for Artificial Intelligence.

ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI update and it has brought Artificial Intelligence to everyone. But the important question is that how smart ChatGPT really is? Is it really a know-it-all entity that can provide all the answers correctly? Is the Artificial Intelligence about to reach the Inflection Point and from here onwards, AI is going to take over? To get the answers of all of these questions, have a look at this video.

How Smart ChatGPT Really Is? Inflection Point For Artificial Intelligence!

5G Throughput Troubleshooting

Q: I’m having an issue of low throughput in 5G network. What can I do to improve 5G throughput?

5G Low Slot Usage

Q: I’m having lower slot usage on 5G. What does that mean and how can I solve it?

5G KPI Optimization – High Drop Rate Query

Q: I’m having high drop rate on 5G. Any ideas to solve that?

LTE PDCCH Congestion Optimization Query

Q: What actions can I take to optimize an LTE network with high PDCCH congestion?

5G SA Query

Q: In 5G SA network, will LTE congestion impact my 5G user experience?

Beamforming Query – Difficult Question

Q: For vertical beamforming in 5G, which part of the PMI is used?

Q: Are you not aware of i11 and i12 in the PMI? The vertical part of the PMI should be i12.

Empirical Query – 5G NSA B1 Threshold

Q: What is the ideal B1 threshold for 5G NSA network?

Q: Can you give me a value for the B1 threshold to start with?

Empirical Query – 5G Peak Throughput

Q: What is the maximum downlink throughput expected from a 100 MHz 5G carrier?

Q: Can you give an approximate range for peak throughput expected from a 100 MHz 5G FR1 system?

Empirical Query – 5G Link Adaptation

Q: What is the typical BLER value used in Link Adaptation in 5G?

Empirical Query – 5G NSA RACH & ENDC Setup

Q: Since the ENDC setup process happens before the 5G RACH process, so how will 5G RACH impact the ENDC Setup success rate?

Python Coding & Programming

Q: Write a code in Python that can make a GUI?

How Smart ChatGPT Really Is?

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