BGP Interview Questions and Answers

In BGP Interview Questions and Answers, you can learn frequently asked BGP interview questions and how to ace them in an interview.

It starts from basic level BGP questions and go on to advanced BGP concepts that will surely help you in understanding BGP better and come up with flying colours in a job interview.

BGP Interview Questions and Answers

Q1: What is BGP?

Q2: Under what scenarios do you use BGP?

Q3: Do BGP neighbours need to be directly connected?

Q4: What is a BGP AS?

Q5: Why to use BGP inside an AS?

Q6: Can we implement BGP without IGP Protocol? If yes, then how can we do it? If no, why?

Q7: Who needs to run BGP?

Q8: What are BGP Messages?

Q9: What are BGP peers and BGP Peering States?

Q10: What are BGP Tables?

Q11: What is the role of TTL in BGP neighborships?

Q12: Define and explain BGP Split horizon?

Q13: Explain BGP Route Reflectors?

Q14: What are BGP Path Attributes?

Q15: Explain BGP Path Selection Criteria?

Q16: BGP Route Advertisement?

Q17: What are BGP Communities used for?

Q18: List and explain BGP Filtering methods?

Q19: What is BGP Route Dampening?

Q20: Explain BGP Policies?

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