Top 5 Network Engineer Interview Topics

Top 5 Network Engineer Interview Topics

In this article, “Top 5 Network Engineer Interview Topics” I have tried to explain important topics and related concepts/questions that network engineers should prepare if they have to go for a service provider interview. The topics include BGP, IGP, Multicast, Read More

Top 5 Networking Certifications 2022

Top 5 Networking Certifications in 2022

This short video, “Top 5 Networking Certifications in 2022” reveals the most sought after certifications among network professionals in 2022. It gives a brief explanation along with average salary for each of the top 5 network certifications. Feel free to Read More

Huawei E-trunk

Huawei E-Trunk | Understanding MLAG (Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation)

This video, “Huawei E-Trunk – Understanding MLAG” explains multi-chassis link aggregation on Huawei devices. It starts with the basic introduction of e-trunks and its related concepts such as LACP System Priority and System ID and then goes on to explain Read More

Troubleshooting FortiGate Firewalls

Troubleshooting FortiGate Firewalls – How to become a Firewall Guru!

“Troubleshooting FortiGate firewalls” cover FortiGate CLI options, routing overview, firewall sessions and TCP states followed by a live debug packet flow that will certainly help you in resolving most of your day-to-day issues in a Fortinet security environment. Troubleshooting FortiGate Read More