How To Build A Strong Security Culture In Your Business

In this article we will have a look at How To Build A Strong Security Culture In Your Business.

Information security is one thing on the minds of almost every organisation. In the UK alone, for instance, there’ve been around 2.4 million cybercrime incidents in the last year, raising genuine cause for concern. The digital disruption often leaves personal information exposed or can even place a financial drain on organizations, depending on the extent of the situation. Although there’s no magical fix to keep these issues away, improving your security culture can be a smart way to protect your business. Below are four effective ways to do so.

  1. Get everyone on board with security 

Contrary to popular belief, your business’s security isn’t a job only limited to the tech or security team. It’s about building a culture that gets everyone involved. From the leadership to the new staff, everybody needs to be security conscious. To really get that mindset, it would be best to tie security into your big-picture vision and mission. The more you do this, the more aware your entire team becomes, making it easy to get on board.

  1. Ensure compliance

Compliance is not just about ticking boxes; it goes beyond knowing about the existing security policies to actually implementing them. Cybersecurity is not a one-time training deal but an ongoing commitment. Depending on your industry and what you do, there might be industry standards or rules you have to comply with. For instance, you may have to occasionally conduct a physical penetration test, which is a compliance requirement in some industries, to help simulate a real-time attack and develop the appropriate responses to ensure security. As your business stays compliant, your teams may appreciate the significance of following laid-down security procedures and protocols. As a result, they become more alert in identifying and reporting potential security risks and threats. 

  1. Recognize and reward those who do the right thing

When someone stands out as being security conscious, rewarding or encouraging them can go a long way. You can offer a cash reward and watch how it becomes the talk of the office. Everyone will be buzzing about it, helping to spread the word. You can also find other non-monetary ways to help make exemplary staff feel valued. As you incorporate this into your business, you encourage others to follow suit, helping to drive your business’s security culture. 

  1. Make security fun and engaging

Security has been viewed by many as a boring topic, making it challenging for them to get involved. However, as a forward-looking business, you can flip the script and make things more fun and engaging. You can start by exchanging dull training sessions for interactive ones. You can kick off with a round of security trivia, talk about hackers in movies, and security news. Find a way to sprinkle some fun and engagement into the mix. This step will make it easier for security related issues to stick better in your team’s mind, allowing them to better apply them. 

These simple yet effective tips will help you improve your business’s security culture and reduce the likelihood of exposing your business to the wrong people and situations.

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