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In this article, we will have a look at How to Keep Your Small Business Safe?

Once upon a time as a small business owner when it came to security all you had to worry about was making sure you knew exactly where you put your keys, when you collapsed on the sofa after a long day of work. 

Then came the threat of cyber criminals and you now have to worry about being hacked. You could have all your data one day only to find it magically disappears the next. 

Needless to say, the security concerns of small business owners has increased. However, with all the technological security issues out there, you still need to focus on building safety. Here are some tips that will keep you one step ahead of criminals.

Keep the Lights On

A well lit property especially at night is a nightmare to any criminal. It’s hard to rob a building when all the lights are shining on your every move. 

Make sure that every door to your property is well lit at night. Try using motion sensor lights wherever you can.

Once motion is made the light will shine like a spotlight on the object or the person. All the attention from this spotlight will send criminals running. If you have security cameras installed along with these motion lights, it will be even easier for you to catch any culprit.

Consider getting an armed security guard to beef up your security. Keep the bad guys off guard by getting a firearm for yourself. Remember that some firearms merchants are considered high risk, so choose wisely.

Choose Smart Security

These days everything from your phone to your TV is smart. It should come as no surprise that the security cameras and locks have followed suit.

Smart security systems are a great option for your business especially if you are on a budget. They deliver high tech surveillance at rock bottom prices.

When you run a small business, saving should be your goal at every turn. Smart Security systems offer you a way to keep your business secure without breaking the bank.

When you install the security cameras and locks all around your business, you will get  apps on your phone to monitor the cameras and locks. 

You can get busy selecting all types of ringtones for your notifications, that monitor even the shadows that move across your walls. The point is that nothing will go undetected.

It doesn’t matter what corner of the world you are when something happens on your property you will know about it. Get notifications about who is on the property or opening doors while you’re on your next fishing trip, camping or enjoying a vacation in Paris.

Train Your Employees

You also need to train your employees in security measures. They need to understand what they should and should not do if there is a robbery. They also need to learn basic security tips such as walking in groups to their cars at night. These are just basic tips that there is a lot more you can add to this.

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Haider Khalid

IP MPLS & Enterprise Core Network Engineer, CCIE# 52939
Haider Khalid is an IP MPLS & Enterprise Core Network Engineer (CCIE# 52939) who has worked with several ISPs & Telecom operators in Pakistan, Middle East and the UK. He is always keen to learn new technologies and likes to share them with his peers and other people. In case of any questions or feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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