ChatGPT the end of Google

There is a lot of hype about Chat GPT nowadays. Is Chat GPT the end of Google? Let’s find out in this article/video.

Chat GPT is an AI bot that can do pretty much everything. Chat GPT is made by OpenAI and trained on trillions of words from the Internet. It is smart enough to understand human language and produce human-like response as well.

Chat GPT is the real game changer. It will kill businesses soon that don’t change or adapt. It can help you with countless things such as preparing a diet plan, doing your homework, creating weekly schedules and a lot more.

It is worth mentioning that it took Chat GPT only 5 days to reach 1M million users that is a record within itself.

Time it took ChatGPT to reach 1M million users

  • Netflix – 3.5 years
  • Facebook – 10 months
  • Spotify – 5 months
  • Instagram – 2.5 months
  • ChatGPT – 5 days

Is Chat GPT the end of Google?

1 – ChatGPT can help you with copying, pasting or summarizing articles for blogs, magazines and even students homework.

2 – ChatGPT can write scripts or code for you. It can even answer more qualitative questions such as, “what is the best way to loop in a program?”

3 – ChatGTP can help you with your planning. It can create a schedule for you ahead of time by keeping all pros & cons in consideration and suggest the best way forward.

Not to forget that one of OpenAI founders was the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. His recent tweet about ChatGPT is a proof that this development is going to change the world soon.

ChatGPT the end of Google

How to use ChatGPT?

It is very easy to use ChatGPT.

Go to OpenAI website and select ChatGPT at the bottom. You will be redirected to where you can sign up for ChatGPT.

Once done, you can enter whatever you need in the textbox and the chat bot will populate results in a jiffy.


The million dollar question – Is ChatGPT perfect?

Absolutely not, but its just the beginning.

It may give you awkward answers at times, but will certainly get better with time – Sky is the limit when it comes to AI.

 ChatGPT Limitations

1. May occasionally generate incorrect information

2. May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content

3. Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021

Is ChatGPT the End of Google?

The simple answer is – NO.

ChatGPT is helpful in a manner that makes you feel as if you are talking to an expert of the matter. You don’t have to filter through pages as in the case of Google.

Despite having said that, Google still holds its value and importance as it is designed to provide a list of relevant web links in response to a query. In this way you can decide yourself which search result suits you the best instead of the bot doing that on its own.

So, the chatbot can be considered as a potential alternative search engine, but can’t be compared with Google.

ChatGPT Pro Tip – Learn AI 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Is Chat GPT the end of Google?”

  1. This is my take on the subject. I think implementing ChatGPT like systems without proper business models may eventually destroy the content creation incentivization mechanism of the Internet itself.

    The integration of AI-based chat agents, such as Google’s PaLM and OpenAI’s GPT-3, with search engines has not yet happened, even though PaLM is said to outperform GPT-3. The reason for this is likely a combination of factors, including business models and the disruption of the current way the internet works. The use of AI-based chat agents to curate information from multiple sources and present it in a concise form is extremely convenient for end users, but it could negatively impact the visibility, ad revenue, and potential buyer acquisition opportunities for content creators. Additionally, the lack of credit and recognition for content creators, combined with the decline in traffic to their websites, could discourage the creation of new content. The incentives for startups, SMEs, and websites that monetize their content with ads to generate new content would also decline. In conclusion, the integration of AI-based chat agents with search engines could have far-reaching implications for the way the internet works and would require careful consideration of the trade-offs involved.

    You can read more about it here –

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