Service Provider Interview Questions

This Networking Quiz comprises top 25 questions Service Provider interview questions. Although it is not possible to cover everything in a 15 minute video, but still I have tried to touch all technologies that ISPs implement and SP network engineers deal with in their day-to-day jobs. Please drop your comments and let me know if you find this helpful and I’ll come up with more advanced questions in next videos.

Networking Quiz | Service Provider Interview Questions – Test Your ISP Knowledge


Q1 – What is meant by Triple Play in ISPs?

Q2 – The correct subnet for 28 hosts in Customer LAN?

Q3 – The correct sequence for PPPoE Discovery Stages?

Q4 – What is Multi-NAT?

Q5 – The preferred protocol for PE-CE routing in ISPs?

Q6 – Which out of following is not an Access technology?

Q7 – Cable used over the “last mile” in FTTH/FTTP?

Q8 – An ADSL modem configured in Bridge Mode means?

Q9 – Preferred IGP for Large Network topologies/Big ISPs?

Q10 – Which out of below is not a prerequisite for MPLS?

Q11 – What benefit/flexibility does MPLS provide to ISPs?

Q12 – What is the default TTL value for eBGP neighbours?

Q13 – Which is not a well-known BGP community? 

Q14 – VC label signalling in Kompella MPLS L2VPN uses?

Q15 – Can we assign the same RD to many customers on a PE?

Q16 – Difference between IPv4 and VPNv4?

Q17 – Difference b/w LSR and Edge LSR Data Plane?

Q18 – What is VRF-Lite?

Q19 – What is not a part of MP-BGP NLRI attribute?

Q20 – PHP makes use of the following reserved label?

Q21 – Which out of following is not a Multicast protocol?

Q22 – What routers need RP (Rendezvous Point) in Multicast?

Q23 – SIP (VoIP protocol) works at following OSI layer?

Q24 – What ports are used by AAA for authentication?

Q25 – Back-to-Back VRFs between ASBR routers are used in?

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Haider Khalid

IP MPLS & Enterprise Core Network Engineer, CCIE# 52939
Haider Khalid is an IP MPLS & Enterprise Core Network Engineer (CCIE# 52939) who has worked with several ISPs & Telecom operators in Pakistan, Middle East and the UK. He is always keen to learn new technologies and likes to share them with his peers and other people. In case of any questions or feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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