Technology Tips to Improve Workplace

In this article, we will have a look at 4 x Technology Tips to Improve Workplace Safety.

Businesses invest more in workplace safety, and technology plays a key role. Indeed, technological advancement has opened doors for enhanced safety measures, making it easier for business owners to prioritise the well-being of their employees. Research shows that poor workplace safety costs businesses $171 billion yearly to expenses associated with non-fatal workplace injuries. Likewise, fatal injuries can cost businesses $1,150,000 in compensation claims. Fortunately, you can implement simple tech solutions to promote safety in the workplace. Here are a few you can consider.

  1. Use the Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors to detect hazards

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised how you can interact with technology in the workplace. Today, you can deploy IoT sensors throughout your office space to spot and address potential hazards in real-time. For example, you can find sensors designed to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, and noise levels. They can detect unsafe conditions in your workspace, making it easy to address them. For instance, some sensors can detect temperature rises or the presence of toxic gases and trigger an alarm, alerting the relevant personnel. That gives you a more proactive approach to safety.

2. Use mobile apps to report incidents and emergencies 

After detecting potential hazards, you must report them to the appropriate departments as quickly as possible. And few things can help you do that better than mobile apps. And in an emergency, workers can utilise these apps to quickly report accidents, near misses, or unsafe conditions, enabling faster response times from management. That can help curtail a potential disaster or, at least, minimise the damage done, so keep this in mind. As a tip, invest in apps that can provide real-time emergency notifications to save time. Mobile devices will also help, but training should be provided for safe use of laptops and tablets, or laptop screen replacement can become an ongoing issue. Some apps can even identify faster evacuation routes and automatically call emergency contacts. Equipping your workers with the right apps can facilitate swift communication and ensure fast and efficient responses when things get critical.

3. Invest in Electromagnetic Field (EMF) protection

Studies show that human exposure to EMF has increased in recent years due to the myriad of electronics available for daily usage. And the workplace is one massive space for electromagnetic activities. Cell phones, electric wiring, and electric appliances at the workplace can all be potential sources of EMF as they cause radiation that can affect workers’ health. And long-term exposure can adversely affect employee health. Fortunately, you can invest in various types of EMF protection tools, depending on what gadgets you use in your workplace.

4. Introduce wearable technology

For hazardous work environments like construction sites, it’s important to introduce wearable technology to keep workers safe. Some options include Bluetooth-enabled devices attached to personal protective equipment. You can also invest in smart glasses to capture site activities in real-time. There are also smart helmets designed to track the wearer’s location, detect and identify dangerous heat or gas levels, and send immediate alerts in emergencies. Other wearable technology like wristbands and vests can play crucial roles in keeping your site workers safe, so feel free to consider this.

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    I just finished reading the blog post on technology tips to improve workplace safety. I thought it was a great article, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

    I agree that technology can play a key role in improving workplace safety. There are a number of innovative technologies that can be used to detect hazards, report incidents, and track worker location and health. By investing in these technologies, businesses can help to create a safer and more productive work environment for their employees.

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