Best Mobile Apps for Medical Services

In this article, we will have a look at Best Mobile Apps for Medical Services.

The internet has changed the way we lead our lives and every industry. After the global COVID pandemic, MedTech and eHealth usages have skyrocketed and are ever growing. Although these changes were questioned, medical practitioners ensure making informed decisions for better safety. Both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store offer countless mobile apps for medical services to choose from. But, how do you choose one for the better healthcare of your loved ones?

Although it is difficult to choose one, the following article discusses the top 10 mobile apps for medical services. All of these have been carefully developed by companies offering the best Android app development services in the industry. We recommend choosing one based on your medical needs.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us jump right into it and help you get better medical care and services for your family.

What Exactly Are Mobile Apps For Medical Services?

Healthcare and wellness fall under the category of healthcare apps, but not all of these can be considered medical applications. For example, apps offering medical news spread awareness about different diseases, precautions, treatments, and general well-being. However, these tips and articles do not help people with specific conditions. You might also not be able to get actionable steps that work well with your ongoing healthcare routine.

Mobile apps for medical services refer to applications that integrate directly with your health and well-being routine. Generally, these apps allow users to track their health statistics, compare them with previous reports and benchmarks, and share data with your healthcare provider. This enables people to receive proper healthcare and medical services irrespective of their location.

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Medical Services?

If you’re clear about the functionality of mobile apps for medical services, you’ve surely understood that they’re instrumental in the current changing industry. They’re instrumental in meeting customer needs and staying ahead of competition. Investing in companies offering the best app development services can help you build better customer experience, enhance loyalty, and generate greater revenue.

Nowadays, more and more people spend a lot of time on their smartphones which is why mobile apps for medical services are so popular. They provide health care tips and advice at the convenience of your home at any time. Moreover, they offer teleconsultation and telemedicine services to help track and maintain your overall health. Mobile apps for medical services offer treatment and diagnosis at reduced costs but at a higher control over your health and wellness.

In the digital world where our complete world is at the access of our fingertips, why should the medical industry stay behind? And, we have to say that they have progressed marvelously.

Which Are The Best Mobile Apps For Medical Services In The Industry?

You can find countless applications offering remarkable results, but it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for your loved ones. To help you out, we have shortlisted the top 10 mobile apps for medical services that you must check out. So, let’s get started and get right into finding the best health app for you!


Zocdoc is one of the most innovative and advanced mobile apps for medical services and is available on both iOS and Android devices. The top-tier app seamlessly integrates with the Innovation Health insurance network. Some important features and benefits of Zocdoc are:-

  • Provides access to a vast network of medical professionals and healthcare experts
  • Stores accurate patient health information and data
  • Allows users to easily access their medical records and history
  • Connects seamlessly with wearable medical devices

Prevention TaskForce

Developed by the best minds at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the US Department of Health and Human Services, Prevention TaskForce can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices. They also have a web application offering an added convenience. Some impressive features of Prevention TaskForce are:-

  • Offers a wide range of resources that healthcare providers can choose from
  • Allows medical professionals to input patient data and health information
  • Lets users easily find screening appointments and clinical consultations
  • Provides medication services for added client health and well-being

Epic MyChart

One of the leading mobile apps for medical services, Epic MyChart is also integrated with Innovation Health Insurance’s network. Although the app is popular on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, it is free. Some notable features and benefits of Epic MyChart are:-

  • Stores patient health stats, information, and medical records securely
  • Allows users to schedule appointments with top healthcare professionals
  • Supports data collection and analysis from wearable devices
  • Keeps users updated on recent medical news and advancements


Looking for an application that can connect you to board-certified doctors at any time throughout the day? Well, Teladoc is perfect for you! Available on both iOS and Android devices, Teladoc is popular among patients and healthcare professionals. Some important features and benefits of Teladoc are:-

  • Offers consultation services from the top healthcare providers via phone and video calls
  • Available 24/7 with the ease of scheduling appointments as and when needed
  • Allows prescribing medications and connects patients with relevant pharmacies
  • Users can import their recent medical data and health records


HealthTap is one of the most innovative and advanced mobile apps for medical services available in the market. The application is also integrated with the Innovation Health Insurance network guaranteeing its effectiveness and safety. Available on both Android and iOS devices, some impressive features of HealthTap are:-

  • Allows users to seamlessly store and view patient data
  • Provides access to web health charts, patient health records, and other important data
  • Offers personalized and proactive healthcare based on the collected data
  • Highly user-friendly and compatible with most wearable devices


If you’re a healthcare professional looking for an invaluable tool, Doximity is for you. Some notable features and benefits of Doximity are:-

  • Allows medical service providers effectively communicate and act according to patient needs
  • Stores records and medical information for better decision-making
  • Expertizes in identification of at-risk patients for quick diagnosis and recovery


Most patients forget to abide by the prescribed dosage and its timings which delays recovery. Medisafe is one of the best mobile apps for medical services that offers a user-friendly solution. Some important features and benefits of Medisafe are:-

  • Reminds users to take proper medicine dosages at the prescribed time
  • Alerts users about any potential drug interactions and possible complications
  • Allows smooth communication between patients and healthcare professionals


Most people avoid seeking healthcare due to the increased costs and prices of medicines. This is where GoodRx can help out! Some impressive features of GoodRx are:-

  • Offers several coupons and saving options for cost-effective diagnosis
  • Allows users to compare the prices of prescription drugs between several pharmacies
  • Provides a huge directory of healthcare providers and offered services


One of the top-notch mobile apps for medical services, CareZone is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. Some notable features of CareZone’s comprehensive diagnosis approach are:-

  • Provides an user-friendly interface to cater to varied patient needs
  • Allows instant access to patient data and previously recorded information
  • Users can review earlier claims for proper diagnosis


The best one-stop database of available medical information and resources, WebMD allows users to easily access patient records. Some important features and benefits of WebMD are:-

  • Allows users to review previously added data
  • Provides users with medical news and updates


Whether you need to schedule a consultation or find the proper medical resources, mobile apps for medical services can significantly help. These apps are the future of healthcare and help make medical facilities accessible to all. We hope the above article cleared your questions and helped you find a medical app that is perfect for you and your loved ones. Want to build mobile apps for medical services quickly and efficiently? Look for the best Android developer for hire for added convenience.

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