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Note: This is a guest post by Junaid Ali, E-commerce Entrepreneur. We are thankful to him for sharing his knowledge on Data Security and posting it on our blog.

Data security is vital especially in this age where everything is digital. This age where e-transact slips are replacing receipts. Where electronic forms are replacing paper forms. This age is making things easier for both the customers and the firms. App development companies are benefactors of this. The demand for auditing apps is constantly on the rise as people need ways to keep up with the increase in the amount of information available. This age also comes with its own level of risk. The same way people can give out information from the comfort of wherever they are, so can people also get information from wherever they are. It falls to you who is in charge of these information to protect it and ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands.

A firewall is the basic form of security that controls the traffic going in and out of your system. It is your digital gatekeeper and it is up to you to design it how you seem fit. The better you design it, the safer it will be for you. Here are 6 simple firewall hacks ensuring security.

Avoid using Regular Passwords

Funny as it may sound, people still fall for this. Your password is as important as your access card. You do not just drop it lying about anywhere and stand the risk of someone else using it. If you will not do that to your access card, why do that to your password? Most people are terrible with the use of passwords that they use “password” as their password. Other form of regular passwords include: 123456789, 1234567, 12345, your date of birth, etc. When thinking of a password, try to get in your hacker’s head and imagine what his guesses might be as regards what your password may likely be.

Ensure your Firewall is Up-to-Date

Nothing exposes your system or network as bad as not having a firewall. The only thing that comes close to that is an outdated firewall. Even the FFIEC recommends a quarterly audit of your firewall. This is just the barest minimum as regards firewall requirements. Sticking to this will help you meet up with regulations but not totally keep out the threats. Ensuring that your company’s firewall meets regulatory guidelines is okay but not excellent. Ensure that you audit and review your firewall such that your firm be it an ecommerce development company is proactive to security threats.

Use 2-Step Verification

Do not stick to the use of passwords alone. Nothing gives hackers headaches like two steps verification based systems. If the second step is one that requires another form of identification other than the use of password, it makes it almost impossible for the hacker to get in remotely. Two steps verification is always a good way of securing your data against hacks. To make it most effective, you can use a form of identification other than the use of passwords. For  example, you can use voice recognition or bio-metric scanning as part of the two steps verification process.

Minimize the Amount of People who have Access to your Server

Although this is not really a point to buttress, I still believe that some people need to hear this. Using any means you deem necessary, you should prune the amount of people who have access to certain information about your company. App development companies as well as other companies have a way of determining those who have access to certain information. If they need to have access to such information, they have to be given clearance by the IT department.

Conduct a System Change on a Regular Basis

Going by my example above, it is imperative that you always makes changes to your system’s firewall. As people use their various passes to get access to your system, they tend to leave digital prints. If you do not make changes to your system, a hacker can follow these prints and use it to bypass your firewall. This is why it is imperative that you clear a new digital path everyday so that hackers will keep playing catch up with you. These checks are best done early in the morning before the start of work between 7-9 AM.

Pay Attention to Physical Security

All I have been saying above will give you the ability to protect your systems against remote hacking. Not all hacking is done remotely. Sometimes they need to get up close with your system and hackers who dare may sometimes be bold enough to give it a try. Keep all data outlets and inlets secure. A single flash drive containing the designated malware can do the trick. As you protect your system against remote hacking, do well to make sure that it cannot be undone physically. Your computers should be out of the reach of individuals who are not staffs. Ensure you have cameras covering all areas where customers come in contact with your computers.

The basic means of ensuring that you always safeguard your system is by having a proactive firewall. You should design your firewall with the mind of a hacker and the intention of a systems operator.

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Junaid Ali

E-commerce Entrepreneur
Junaid Ali Qureshi is an e-commerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging technical marketing and e-commerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an e-commerce development company),, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

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