How Ethical Hacking Can Help Your Business

In this article, we will have a look at How Ethical Hacking Can Help Your Business.

When you think of the word “ethical,” the last thing you think about is hacking, right? In fact, hacking is almost always seen as unethical due to all of the cyber activity that’s attached to it. It’s completely easy and understandable to think that way; as of recently, ethical hacking seems to be a newer thing. A lot of organisations are used to fight back and punish cyber criminals and just criminals in general. 

But it still goes further than this, such as keeping organisations safe in general. Infrastructure pen testing is a good example of this even, as it helps keep organisations and businesses safe. So, how can you use ethical hacking to your advantage in your business? Well, keep reading on to find out more!

What Is an Ethical Hacker?

Also known as “pen-testers”, are well versed in the techniques malicious hackers use to gain unauthorised access. These professionals simulate attack scenarios to test your business’s systems and security measures. This provides insight into how well your systems are able to prevent data breaches and what areas need to be strengthened. Their whole goal is to help find any issues within your networking infrastructure and help you solve them.

It Helps with Identifying the Vulnerabilities

Unlike malicious hackers who aim to access data for financial gain, ethical hackers are focused on improving cybersecurity. By stress-testing your systems and identifying vulnerabilities, they can help you avoid the costly consequences of a cyberattack. An ethical hacker will produce a report of their findings, which will help you prioritize your future security investments. Depending on the results, you may need to invest in new monitoring tools or provide additional cybersecurity training to your staff.

Can Help with Training Staff

If your employees are using a company device such as a phone or computer, then they’ll need some training. White hat hackers can educate staff to ensure the company’s security measures are working as intended. They also train staff to spot malicious attacks like phishing and social engineering so they can protect against them. These are basics, but they can also help train IT staff too, especially if you’re not outsourcing but have a team that’s in-house instead. Plus, this can just help workplace safety in its entirety too.

Excellent for Providing Feedback

Overall, the main goal is to allow business leaders to strengthen their defenses and minimise the impact of data breaches and other types of cyberattacks. It also enables companies to prioritise the application of patches and other remedial steps. As such, ethical hacking extends the scope of in-house cybersecurity teams, which often lack the resources to cover all potential attack vectors on their own. They’ll help you better understand what potential issues there are and what should be fixed. This feedback is usually given if there are vulnerabilities, but they can help strengthen things, too, with their feedback. Overall, it’s very valuable for any company. 

In the end, is it even worth hiring this service? Absolutely, while yes, there are software and programs available for download to find vulnerabilities, these aren’t going to be enough. Hackers will be patient and will take time to get what they want, which is why you want a human to help you out who thinks and has knowledge, just like a cyber-criminal.  This is so valuable for your business. 

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Haider Khalid

IP MPLS & Enterprise Core Network Engineer, CCIE# 52939
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