Simplifying The Tech Device

In this article, let us have a look at Simplifying The Tech Device/Appliance Presence In Your Home.

Many more people work from home, have full-range media setups at home, and implement smart home appliances in every room of their house. But not everyone is so tech literate that they perfect this installation, or can troubleshoot every issue that might occur. You may be more experienced in buying wearable tech, like when comparing the garmin instinct vs fenix watches, or perhaps you’re more interested in smart kitchen appliances as standard. This is quite normal.

Moreover, it’s unlikely that this year was the first time you began purchasing tech items for the home. As such, you might have old computers laying around, old televisions in storage, wall mounts you haven’t used for a while, and several such examples of old products you no longer use.

This in itself can lead a home to feel incredibly overstocked, and in some cases, confusing. For instance, if you have three retro consoles, a DVD player, a blu-ray player, and many other smart TV and set boxes under your television unit, messing with the cables behind the installation can feel like a gargantuan task.

With that in mind, we’d like to discuss some worthwhile measures you can use for simplifying the tech appliance uses in your home. With that in mind, please consider:

Cabling & Routing

Cables can be quite messy when you have many tech devices in your home, and if they don’t cause a trip hazard, they can at least cause confusion when you’re trying to install a new device. This is why data cabling installation is so important, especially if you’re planning to do something intermediately difficult like setting up a home server for your media, played through apps like Plex. Brackets and zip ties can also go a long way in helping you route cables efficiently. Don’t be afraid to neatly store the cables you’re using in an organized manner, it will help you feel a lot more connected and stable.

Power Outlets

Power outlets are very important to consider, because too many extension cables can cause a fire hazard. Sometimes the best thing you can do is rewire certain portions of your house so that the effective power output and sparse use of extension applications will help you keep the power on in the best possible context. In the long run, this will ensure you don’t have to undergo complex or even dangerous power setups just to keep your devices running.

Cases, Cabinets, Holders

It can be good to makes sure your tech appliances are well-implemented. So for instance, doorbell cameras and smart home utility units can be embedded into the wall neatly. A television can be placed on a simple small stand, with certain pockets for your games consoles and a holder for your remote control. Your router might be placed on a shelf for maximum coverage. Small appliances like smart home fixtures may be on your bedside table, synced to your other compatible devices for easy voice control. Invest in the furnishings and architecture surrounding your devices to make them more accessible and presentable – it will make a difference and helps avoid your tech devices determining the aesthetic of your interior design too.

With this advice, you’re sure to simplify the tech device and appliance presence in your home.

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Haider Khalid

IP MPLS & Enterprise Core Network Engineer, CCIE# 52939
Haider Khalid is an IP MPLS & Enterprise Core Network Engineer (CCIE# 52939) who has worked with several ISPs & Telecom operators in Pakistan, Middle East and the UK. He is always keen to learn new technologies and likes to share them with his peers and other people. In case of any questions or feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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