How to Earn Money Online

In this article, we will see How to Earn Money Online with Colour Prediction Games?

Do you enjoy earning a living? Do you like to solve riddles and puzzles? If so, playing the Color Prediction Game can be the ideal way for you to simultaneously enjoy both pastimes! How wonderful is it that this game allows you to discover more about yourself and your personality features while also making extra money? In this post, we’ll explain what this game comprises and offer our opinions on whether it could be worthwhile to give it a shot.

How to Play Colour Prediction Games Online?

By correctly estimating the colour of shapes that are formed randomly, the player can win money in this game. The player must correctly predict the colour that will be displayed. You forfeit points if you are incorrect. If you predict the next colour correctly, your points increase and you have the opportunity to increase your earnings. When no one can properly predict the shape of the following round or when there is only one player left, the game is over.

How to Sort Colours?

The objective of the game is to guess, from a set of five coloured circles, which colour each circle will be when it is unveiled. To do this, group the colours into categories first, then choose the colour that you anticipate it to be. You get more money the more correct answers you obtain.

How to Earn with Color Prediction Game Earnings Online.

Consider that you bet 50 rupees on the colour red (the outcome will be either red or green). If the outcome is red, you win and your bet will be worth 100 rupees; however, if the colour is green, you will lose 50 rupees.

If you wager 50 rupees on number 4 and win, you will receive a 7X return or 350 rupees. and if you wager on Violet, which occasionally appears with red or green, you will profit 4X or 200 rupees for a 50 rupee stake.

You can wage on either colour or number, or you can wager on both colour and number, provided that you create different orders for each.

How to Recharge Your Wallet?

To add money to your Linacun32 wallet, you can use a variety of payment methods; the minimum amount is merely 100 rupees.

In addition to using UPI apps like Google Pay and PhonePe, you can add money using a credit or debit card. In order to win money, recharge right away. Guess the colour and the number.

How to Withdraw Money from a Color Prediction Game?

Money can be withdrawn Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Direct credit of the funds will be made to your Indian bank account.

Simply go to MY>my bank>Add bank card and submit >my wallet & click on withdrawal done, and the money will be credited to your account within one or two days. Minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are 31 and 50,000 respectively. Withdrawal fees are 30 rupees for withdrawals of less than 1500 rupees and 2% for withdrawals of more than 1500. Join the colour trading app and start making money right away because withdrawing is also hassle-free.

Colour Prediction for Android Earns Money.

You can download the colour trade app to your Android device and play this game of colour prediction trading directly from your mobile web browser. Once you register using the provided link and log into the trading system, you will see the option to download the app.

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Some Colour Prediction Games to Earn Online

1.    RXCE Colour Prediction

Use This Referral Code to Earn ₹1000 Download RXCE App in Apk Download RXCE App 2.0. RXCE Colour Prediction the Latest Version for Android. This app offers a wide variety of games and colour predictions, all of which have the potential to net you cash prizes.

You can test your gaming knowledge and skills with this incredible match prediction software and feel the rush of success. One of the most helpful apps for people looking to generate genuine money is RXCE Apk. You should invite friends to take a survey, participate in games to gain points or money, and so on.

2. Skyworld Live App

Skyworld is another top colour prediction service that has been operational for a year with good response rates, quick money arrival, and immediate withdrawals.

Sharing the skyworld live app with your friends is another great way to make a lot of money. For one recommendation, the skyworld app will pay you 300 rupees.

A colour prediction app is Skyworld. This has several colours offered to you. And from that, you must choose one hue. if the final display is solely your chosen colour.

3. Joymall App

Similar to RXCE and Skyworld app. Joymall app download is a prediction website That makes money by predicting The Colors Red And Green. The Joymall App offers a straightforward user experience that is simple enough for anyone to utilize. One of the most helpful apps is the Joymall App. App Joymall Earn Rs. 1000–Rs. 2000 by using the Joymall Earning App. Win money by playing Joymall.

Final Words

We think you now have a solid understanding of colour prediction games and how to play them. The material provided is satisfactory to describe this colour prediction games for your use. If the information on colour prediction apps was truly helpful to you, please leave a review and let all of your friends know about it.

How to Earn Money Online

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  7. we will see How to Earn Money Online with Colour Prediction Games? Do you enjoy earning a living? Do you like to solve riddles and puzzles? Read more

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