Upgrading Cisco Nexus Switches via USB Port

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Upgrading Cisco Nexus Switches via USB Port

PROBLEM STATEMENT : Recent Cisco Nexus software images are huge (around 01 to 02 Gig) in size and uploading them to a switch via FTP/ TFTP/ SCP may even consume 05 to 08 hours and if this delay was not factored in your activity maintenance window, you may have to reschedule the activity.

SOLUTION : Uploading Cisco software image through USB port of a switch is the fastest option of all and it will reduce the upload time from hours to 5 ~ 10 minutes.

In this example, I will be referring to Cisco Nexus 3548-XL model and below are the steps you need to perform for such an upgrade.

  • One common issue you will face while uploading your image via USB port is that your switch will fail to mount the USB drive regardless of whatever formatting choice you use for your USB. The easiest way to get over this problem is by formatting USB through the switch itself by using the below command.
Depending on your Switch, you may see multiple USB ports so format the one on which you connected the USB
  • Once your USB is formatted and detected by the switch, rest of the steps are fairly simple.

    You just have to copy the desired image from USB drive to Switch flash/Bootflash by using the following command. For me, I uploaded 1.8 Gig file to switch within 05 minutes.
No alt text provided for this image
  • After copying the image to your switch, the most important and often forgotten step is to verify the checksum of image, which should match with the checksum value provided by Cisco website itself.

    This step is to make sure that the integrity of the software image is intact and there is no corruption during download.
No alt text provided for this image
  • After verifying MD5 checksum, we need to check the impact of new software image before installing it. If all outputs are successful, we will then install the software image which will be disruptive and require a reload

    Below commands are used to achieve these steps.
  1. show install all impact nxos nxos.your_image.bin – Checking the impact of new release
  2. install all nxos bootflash:nxos.your_image.bin — Installing the new image on your switch.

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